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During the “Sashakt Beti, Samridh Bihar (empowered daughters, prosperous Bihar)” event, an IAS officer’s remarks sparked controversy after she rebuked a student who asked to provide sanitary napkins to the girl students at school. The woman officer received huge backlash after the video of the incident went viral on the internet.

When asked by a girl student to provide sanitary napkins in schools, Principal Secretary, Women and Child Welfare Department, Harjot Kaur Bhamra responded with controversial remarks, “Today, you are asking for sanitary pads; tomorrow you will ask for condoms.”

“When the government is providing us school uniform, scholarship and so many things, why can’t it provide Whisper [a sanitary napkin brand] of ₹20-30?” asked the girl student during ‘ Sashakt Beti, Samridh Bihar (empowered daughters, prosperous Bihar): Towards enhancing the value of girls’ workshop organised by the State Women and Child Development Corporation in association with UNICEF and other organisations.

The 1992 batch IAS officer who is also a Managing Director of Bihar Women Development Corporation, Bhamra responded, “Tomorrow, you attain the age of family planning and you would expect government to provide Nirodh (condom) too.”

There is need to change the mindset. Why [should] the government provide you everything free? Tomorrow you’ll say government can provide jeans and why not some beautiful shoes thereafter? And eventually, at the time of family planning, you will expect government to provide Nirodh [brand of condom] too,” the IAS officer said.

When the girl said that people’s votes determine who governs, Bhamra stated, “This is the height of stupidity. Then don’t vote. ‘Ban jao Pakistan (become like Pakistan). Do you cast ballots for money and services?

To which the student replied, “I am an Indian.”Why should I?

When another student brought attention to the broken toilet door at her school, which boys could enter, Bhumra asked her, “Tell me, do you have separate toilets at your home for males and females? If you keep asking for lot of things at different places, how will it work?

The government is doing so much but why should we depend on the government for everything?” Bhumra said.

When asked to comment on the backlash and the video that went viral, “It’s all false, malicious and wrong reporting of an event. I’m known as one of the most vociferous champions of women’s rights and empowerment. Some mischievous elements might have resorted to such low attempts to malign my reputation.”

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