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Rani Devi who was demanding proper roads and drainage systems in the Dhanoli, Ajeejpura and Siroli villages in Uttar Pradesh’s Agra, has died after 81 days of protests. She died on Sunday.

Rani was sleeping at the protesting site. Another woman who was sleeping next to Rani fell unconscious and was rushed to the nearby hospital.

The locals have been protesting for the past 81 days. The protestors shouted slogans at the district headquarters, went bald, sat inside potholes and waterlogged roads, went on a hunger strike, and placed posters to boycott the coming Assembly elections. Few of them pasted “For Sale” banners on their houses.

48-year-old Rani Devi was a resident of Vikas Nagar. She was protesting at Siroli Dhanoli road since October 13. They have been demanding basic infrastructure in the village.

85-year-old Kirti Devi, the woman who fell unconscious on Sunday, dug up the land near the protesting site and observed a sit-in protest.

“In the past three years, we have raised issues such as lack of sanitation and hygiene, waterlogging, and poor road and drainage. We had staged a protest over these issues last year as well following which the local authorities told us they will resolve the issue of waterlogging, but nothing has been done so far,” said a social activist, Savitri Chahar.

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