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The fear of deadly coronavirus is so high that even robbers are strictly following the coronavirus protocol before initiating the robbery. In a hilarious incident of UP’s Aligarh on Friday, robbers entered a jewellery shop with masks on their faces and as per the protocol, got their hands sanitized and then proceeded with their robbery.

The whole incident was recorded on the CCTV camera. They have looted jewellery worth Rs 40 lakh on the gunpoint.

CCTV footage shows that two men walked into a jewellery shop named ‘Sunder Jewellers’ near Sarasol Crossing in Aligarh’s Bannadevi area at around 2 pm on Friday. One of the store workers offered them sanitizer assuming them to be normal customers. They santized the hands and then pulled out their guns and looted the store.

An investigation team has been constituted including two officers of SP rank and a manhunt has also been launched. “With the help CCTV footage, we will soon solve the case and arrest the accused,” said Muniraj G, SSP, Aligarh.

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