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A 22-year old woman has been arrested by Bally police for allegedly abetting her husband’s suicide. She recorded a video while her husband was committing suicide and did not raise any alarm.

The couple who was in a relationship for five years had married four months back on December 11, 2020.

A video of the incident was recovered from the phone of a 22-year-old woman, Neha Shukla. In the purported video, her husband Amon Shaw can be seen committing suicide. When asked about why she didn’t raise an alarm about the incident, she claimed that she assumed it to be another empty threat as he had done on other occasions in the past.

Howrah city police found inconsistencies in Neha’s statement and therefore her claims need to be investigated thoroughly. She has been booked under Section 306 of the Indian Penal Code.

As per the reports, both of them quit their jobs after they got married and Amon started a business. Amon’s sister Barkha Prasad told the police that Neha’s solo trip to Delhi on March 31 led to the differences between the two. “Amon wanted to go with her but she refused. We suspected that she might be hiding something,” said Barkha Prasad.

Neha demanded an immediate divorce after she returned back to Kolkata on April 5. Her in-laws were going to Vellore for treatment during that time.

“We were surprised at Neha’s extremely calm demeanour. We seized her phone and found the video. When we asked her why she did not stop him, she kept saying that she thought Amon was giving an empty threat. We lodged a police complaint on Monday after which the cops detained her,” said Prasad.

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