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Why so cruel 2020!

Adding one more bad chapter to 2020, a massive explosion has caused huge damage in the Lebanese capital Beirut. Beginning with a fire at the port, it exploded into a huge mushroom cloud. The explosion was so severe that it caused a 3.3 magnitude earthquake and massive damage in the country.

As per the Health Minister Hamad Hasan, at least 78 people have been found dead and over 4000 are badly injured. The death toll is likely to climb as the rescue work is being done. “There are many people missing until now. People are asking the emergency department about their loved ones and it is difficult to search at night because there is no electricity. We are facing a real catastrophe and need time to assess the extent of damages, ” said Hasan.

The explosion took place on Tuesday. Firefighting teams have reached immediately after the communication of fire at the port but the situation went out of control. At least 10 firefighters are missing as communicated Beirut’s governor Marwan Abboud and said “In my life, I haven’t seen destruction on this scale.”

Lebanon’s Prime Minister, Hassan Diab stated that around 2,750 tonnes of highly explosive material, ammonium nitrate was unloaded from a ship in 2013 and had been stored for six years at the port itself without any safety measures which has endangered the life of all the citizens.

Considering the storage of explosive substance unacceptable, the Prime Minister has asked for a detailed investigation to know the exact trigger for the explosion and asked for results to be released within five days. Lebanon’s Supreme Defence Council stated that whosoever will be found guilty for putting the lives of thousands of people on stake, will get maximum punishment possible.

With calling an urgent cabinet meeting on Wednesday, President Michel Aoun has declared a two-week state of emergency. He has also stated that the country will observe the next three days as an official period of mourning. Besides that, he has also announced 100 billion lira emergency funds.

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