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In one of the strangest cases of marital disputes, a husband put forward an outrageous condition before his new bride on the honeymoon night. That condition turned marital bliss into trauma. The incident is of Jamshedpur, Jharkhand.

The man kept a condition to make their marriage work. He demanded that the wife should become an IAS officer within two years. The bride felt that as a joke but later discovered it true after the husband stopped talking to her.

Pallavi had married Jaimal Mandal. The husband, who is an MBA-qualified bank officer, stunned his wife with this bizarre condition to become an IAS officer if she wanted their marriage to work. He left the next morning and never returned. He has stopped talking to her since then.

She tried to communicate with him many times but he refused to talk. In order to protect the family’s prestige in society, Pallavi kept the problem hidden from everyone.

A few months later, she discovered about the divorce petition which added more to her trauma. A case has been registered against him in the Potka police station in East Singbhum. She alleged that she was subjected to harassment by her in-laws during that time. Pallavi added that she stayed in her matrimonial home to avoid troubling her father.

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