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Introducing another twist in the ongoing family drama of the Bharatiya Janata Party MP Kaushal Kishore, his estranged daughter-in-law has attempted suicide on Monday by slitting her wrist. She released a video before taking the extreme step in which she blamed her husband Ayush and her in-laws.

Ankita Singh was rushed to the nearby Civil Hospital in Lucknow and is said to be in stable condition.

As per the reports, Ankita reached outside the Kaushal Kishore’s house and slit her wrist. She released two videos on social media. In the video, she alleged that her husband Ayush, Ayush’s brother, father-in-law MP Kaushal Kishore, and mother-in-law Jai Devi are responsible for her death. Ankita alleged that her husband has betrayed her and she was ill-treated by Ayush and his family.

“I cannot fight anyone because your father is an MP and mother an MLA. Nobody will listen to me. I have never let anyone touch you so how can I do that? You are lying. You and your family did not let me live,” said Ankita.

She further added, “You and your family have ruined my life. I have got such a punishment for loving you. I am leaving this world. I will never come into your life, you be happy. You used to say that your family does not love you and today you have left me for them…haven’t paid the rent of the house, no gas cylinder, not once did you think what will I eat…I am going. I am going, and you will remember me.”

A few days back, Ayush was shot in Lucknow. Following the investigation, the police found out that Ayush himself had staged the attack against him along with his brother-in-law to implicate someone under the false charges.

An FIR was lodged against Ayush and his brother-in-law Adarsh. Adarsh confessed before the police that he shot Mohanlalganj MP’s son and submitted that Ayush wanted to frame someone.

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