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Taking note of the multiple foetal congenital anomalies, Bombay High Court has allowed a married woman to terminate the pregnancy in the 28th week. The court has also directed the state to take complete care of the child if born alive during the termination process.

High Court bench on June 30, gave permission to the couple to terminate the pregnancy and look after the child if born alive. In addition to that, the court also sought a medical report from J J Hospital Medical Board.

Confirming the severe abnormalities, the medical report observed the substantial risk of serious physical handicap and very high morbidity and mortality. The medical board has advised the medical termination of the child.

Further on July 3, Bombay High Court revised its order and stated, “if the petitioner and her husband are not willing or are not in a position to take responsibility of the child, the state and agencies will have to assumed full responsibility.” The directions were given taking note of the probability that if child will born alive.

Citing the doctors’ advise and ultrasound reports pointing serious foetal anomalies, the woman approached Bombay High Court to get the permissions to abort 28-week pregnancy as she has crossed the legal bar of 20 weeks under Medical Termination of Pregnancy Act.

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