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Amid this ongoing pandemic situation, we came across many bizarre incidents and here is another one. In a wedding ceremony in Uttar Pradesh, bride refuses to marry after being dragged by few of groom’s friends on the dance floor.

The bride’s family had lodged a dowry complaint against the groom’s family and asked the police to intervene. Reaching the final settlement, the groom’s family has paid Rs 6.5 lakh to the bride’s family.

The groom is from a village in a Bareilly district and bride belongs to Kanauj district. Both of them are post-graduates. Everyone reached the venue in Bareilly for a grand wedding ceremony.

Situation turned ugly when friends from the groom’s side dragged the bride to dance floor. The girl and kin objected which ultimately led to a heated argument. The bride then refused to marry.

“I respect her decision. I cannot force her to marry a person who doesn’t respect her,” said bride’s father.

“The wedding has been called off. The woman’s family had given a dowry complaint. No FIR was registered since it is an issue between two families. They reached a settlement,”said Bithri Chainpur SHO Ashok Kumar Singh.

The family of the groom in the last ditch effort approached the bride’s family on Sunday to think of rearranging a simple wedding, but the girl refused.

“The groom’s friends misbehaved with my sister. In our family, we don’t allow women to dance in public,” bride’s cousin said.

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