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Allahabad High Court noted that Lord Ram, Lord Krishna, Ramayana, Gita, and its authors Maharishi Valmiki and Maharishi Ved Vyas are the national heritage and the Parliament should bring a law to pay national honor to them.

The observations were made by Justice Shekhar Kumar Yadav who recently had urged the government to bring a bill to give fundamental rights to the cows and declare them the national animal. He stated, “scientists believe cow is the only animal that inhales and exhales oxygen.”

Justice Yadav was hearing a bail plea of Akash Jatav alias Surya Prakash who was arrested for making objectionable comments against Lord Rama and Krishna on Facebook. He was arrested on January 4.

The High Court bench granted him bail noting that the applicant/accused had been in jail for ten months and neither had the session trial had started nor likely to end in the near future. “As per the direction of the Supreme Court in the case of Dataram Singh State of Uttar Pradesh and Others, bail is the right of the accused and jail is an exception,” said Justice Yadav.

“The obscene remarks made by the accused / applicant about the great men of India, Lord Shri Ram and Shri Krishna, is an injury to the faith of the majority of the people of this country and it spoils the peace and harmony in the society and innocent people have to bear the brunt of it. if the court is lenient with such people, it will be a morale booster for them and their conduct will spoil the harmony in the country,” the court noted.

He further stated, “Ram resides in the heart of every citizen of this country, he is the soul of India. The culture of this country is incomplete without Rama.”

Constitution Allows To Be An Atheist But Not To Disrespect God

“The Constitution of India is a liberal document which allows every citizen the freedom to believe or not believe in God. However, though an atheist has freedom to not believe in God, he/ she cannot make obscene pictures of Gods and circulate it publicly,” noted the High Court bench.

Justice Yadav noted, “Lord Ram and Lord Krishna are great men whom the majority of the country have been worshiping for thousands of years. There have been many such cases in the last when indecent remarks made about great men were condemned by every citizen, whether they were Hindu, Muslim, Christian or Sikh.”

Need To Educate Children About Indian Culture

“Historians have done a lot of damage to Indian culture due to sycophancy and selfishness. There is a need to educate children by making it a compulsory subject in all the schools of the country because only through education a person becomes cultured and becomes aware of his life values and his culture,” added Justice Yadav.

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