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Around 154 eminent citizens including former judges, civil servants, and defence officers have written to President Ram Nath Kovind, urging to take action against those indulging in violence while protesting against the Citizenship Amendment Act, 2019.

They stated that proper action should be taken against those involved in violence during the protests to protect democratic institutions. Subsequently, the former judge and Central Administrative Tribunal chairman Permod Kohli have alleged that the protests against the Act were instigated by political elements.

The controversial Citizenship Amendment Act grants citizenship to the non-Muslim migrants from Pakistan, Bangladesh, and Afghanistan who were expelled on the grounds of religion and had entered India before 31 December 2014. Further, they will not be regarded as illegal migrants as defined under Section 2(1)(b) of the Act.

The Act became official on 10 January 2020, despite weeks of protests by thousands of citizens all over the country. The Centre issued a gazette notification announcing the official date of commencement of the Act.

However, ever since the Act was passed by the Lok Sabha, there have been massive protests across the country, opposing the act. Accordingly, there has been huge damage to the public as well as private property by the people who were indulged in the violence during the anti-CAA protests.

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