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Ruining the sanctity of student-teacher relationship, a teacher from Padma Seshadri Bala Bhavan (PSBB) school, Chennai has been accused of making sexual advances. The teacher identified as Rajagopalan has been called out for his alleged paedophilic behaviour.

A campaign was launched on the social media platform Twitter. Several students, both alumnus and current, joined the campaign and shared their ordeal. He teaches Accountancy and Business Studies at the KK Nagar branch of the school. Some other teachers were accused of being casteist in the school.

An alumni of PSBB School has written a letter seeking immediate suspension of the accused and conducting an unbiased probe in the matter.

Model Kripali Samdariya has started the campaign against the professor Rajagopalan on her Instagram stories and urged everyone else to share the same to let authorities take legal action against him. She mentioned about receiving several messages narrating Rajagopalan’s paedophilic behaviour during school as well as after the school.

One of the students shared that he attended an online class semi-naked. “He came to class straight out of his bathroom with only a towel tied to his waist,” she wrote to Kripali. She even shared a screenshot of the incident.

Some students also alleged that the professor used to make inappropriate comments on their bodies, made sexual advances, touched inappropriately, and also shared a pornographic link in the class group.

A former student alleged that he tried to hug her in front of the class. Another student made the shocking revelations that he also made an inappropriate joke about a girl’s breast in the class. It has also been alleged that the professor’s behaviour is often normalised by some students and administration as well. One of the students alleged that some students used to pair with him and give him more power to harass girls.

“He would select some a few of us as his ‘targets’ and constantly slut-shame and make horrible sex jokes about us to the point of breaking down in the class. A few times when we were expected to stay back in small groups, he would give us disgusting looks, touch us ‘by accident’ and even so much say things like ‘you are making me horny (in Tamil),” a girl wrote to Kripali. Surprisingly, Rajagopalan was head of the sexual harassment committee of the school.

One another student shared the ordeal with Kripali mentioning about her visit to Hong Kong with Rajagopalan for a school competition. He asked her to drink alcohol (when she was 16). She alleged that he made sexual advances and when she objected, Rajagopalan belittled her for not winning the competition. She further wrote that the professor joined the students for shopping in Hong Kong and used to ask inappropriate questions about their clothes.

Another student shared an incident where boys were teasing a curly hair girl and pulled her hair harshly. When she screamed, Rajagopalan said, “Why are you shouting like you are being raped.”

Several WhatsApp chats went viral where he can be seen demanding photos, night video calls, and asking girls for movies. Not only girls, but boys were not safe either. One boy shared another horrific experience with a sexual predator.

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