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During the elections, you might have heard several bizarre promises made by politicians and here comes another one. BJP Andhra Pradesh President, Somu Veerraju promised that the people will get liquor at Rs 70 if Bharatiya Janata Party will get 1 crore votes during the 2024 state Assembly elections.

While addressing a crowd in Vijayawada, Veerraju stated, “poor quality liquor is being sold in the state at higher prices, while known and popular brands are not available. Liquor is being sold under labels like ‘Special Status’, ‘Governor’s Medal’. They are not selling branded liquor. They said full liquor prohibition but are making and selling brandy.”

Cast one crore votes to Bharatiya Janata Party…we will provide liquor for just Rs 70. If we have more revenue left, then, will provide liquor for just Rs 50,” he added.

Veerraju went on to add, “You (state government) are drinking people’s blood. Every month a person is spending Rs 12,000 on liquor. Government is taking this money and giving it back in the guise of welfare schemes.”

Veerraju has been trolled heavily for his remarks during the address.


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