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On Monday, the Ministry of Home Affairs wrote to all States and Union Territories seeking their cooperation with Railways in running more number of special trains to facilitate the movement of stranded migrants and also to ensure that private clinics and nursing homes are allowed to open without any hindrance.

As per sources, on Sunday, Cabinet Secretary Rajiv Gauba held a video conference with Chief Secretaries of all States to discuss the various issues in the ongoing lockdown imposed in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. Subsequently, after the meeting, Union Home Secretary Ajay Bhalla wrote to States seeking compliance of Cabinet Secretary’s direction which include “inter-state movement of doctors and paramedics should be facilitated wherever required”.

“Any restrictions on the movement of medical professionals and paramedical staff can lead to severe constraints in rendering COVID and non-COVID medical services. I would urge all States and UTs to ensure that such clinics and nursing homes continue to function without any hindrances, as they are essential for meeting public health requirements and saving precious human lives” read the letter. “They should also ensure that the field officials allow smooth movement of all medical professionals, nurses, paramedical, sanitation personnel, and ambulances. They should also ensure the opening of all private clinics, nursing homes, and labs with all their medical professional and staff,” the letter added.

In another letter, the Union Home Secretary asked “All-State governments to ensure that migrant workers do not resort to walking on the road and on railway tracks. In case they are found in such condition, they should appropriately be counseled, taken to nearby shelters and provided with food, water etc. till such time they are facilitated to board the Shramik Special trains or buses to their native places.

“As requested by the Cabinet Secretary, all State governments should cooperate in the running of more Shramik special trains so that travel of stranded migrant workers are facilitated at a faster rate,” he added.

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