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We lost a true fighter! Chandeshwar Prasad alias Chanda Babu from Siwan, Bihar passed away on Wednesday evening. He was ill for the past few months and died due to cardiac arrest. Two of his sons were drenched in acid and one was shot dead by Shahabuddin and his aides.

Chandra Babu was a true fighter who fought a long battle of over 15 years to bring justice to his three sons who were killed by then Bahubali. Shahabuddin and his aides in the most horrible Siwan acid attack case. Gangster turned politician, Shahabuddin is currently serving a life sentence in Tihar Jail.

In 2004, Saheb aka RJD leader Shahabuddin and his associates attacked Chandra Babu’s sons in their shop after they refused to pay the extortion money. They kidnapped three of the four sons of Chandeshwar Prasad — Rajiv, Satish, and Girish Roshan. Satish and Girish were bathed together in acid and their bodies were never recovered. The double murder took place on August 16, 2004. The third son, Rajiv, somehow managed to escape.

As he was the only witness in the case, he was also shot dead by Shahabuddin and aides 10 years later on August 16, 2014. Chandra Babu’s wife died a few months back and he is survived by a differently-abled son.

A special court had awarded life imprisonment to Shahabuddin, and his associates, Raj Kumar Sah, Sheikh Alam, and Munna Mian on December 11, 2015. Then Patna High Court upheld the special court’s order in 2017 and then, the Supreme Court also upheld the same ruling in 2018. Chandra Babu was represented by Prashant Bhushan in the apex court.

There were more than 40 criminal cases registered against Shahabudin.

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