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During the three years of marriage, a couple has changed 18 houses. The reason being the wife’s fear of cockroaches. The husband who is a software engineer by profession has finally decided to file for divorce.

He came to know about the phobia of her wife for the very first time in 2017. The wife allegedly found a cockroach in the kitchen and ran for help. She was screaming and denied to go to the kitchen thereafter. After the incident, the woman had been adamant about shifting to some other house.

They changed their first house in 2018 and then the routine continued. Since then, they have changed 18 houses.

The husband claimed that he has taken his wife to psychiatrists but she refused to take any medication. She alleged that her husband doesn’t understand her problem and is trying to declare her mentally ill.

They have tried every way possible to save their relationship. They even visited the BHAI Welfare Society, an organization that works for men trapped in fake dowry and domestic violence cases. The duo was counseled by Zaki Ahmed who is the founder of the organization. But, in the end, nothing seemed to work.

Tired of embarrassment and the routine, he has decided to take a divorce.

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