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Taking note of the K Uthamakumaran story of unfortunate plight amid COVID-19, Chief Justice of Chhattisgarh High Court, PR Ramachandra Menon had sent a gift check of Rs 10,000 to him. Along with the cheque, he also wrote a letter to Uthamakumaran.

“Mr. Uthamakumaran, the heart-breaking news that appeared in the Times of India, Raipur edition, persuades me to send this letter,” stated the letter.

Chief Justice Menon’s letter also stated, ” This is not a donation or contribution out of any sympathy, but a gift you deserve in recognition and appreciation of your concept/commitment to the dignity of labour. It is also to alert the lawyer’s fraternity at large, to be positive, as every sunset will be followed by a sunrise.”

It is the Times of India who brought everyone’s attention to the story of the Uthamakumaran hardships amid this pandemic and thereafter prompted CJ Menon to send the Tamil Nadu lawyer this letter.

34-year-old Uthamakumaran is a lawyer by profession and was the first member of the family to complete his graduation. He hails to the tribal malai Kuruvar community and was practicing at Pattukottai. He used to earn Rs 25,000 in his profession. But as the pandemic hit the country, all the courts were shut down which ultimately halts his source of earning.

While narrating his story to TOI, Uthamakumaran said that he is ready to any work. But he only knows his ancestral work of weaving baskets from date palm fronds. Therefore, he was forced to continue this work of weaving baskets and selling them. He also stated that he can only make Rs 1,500 in a week with this work which is not enough.

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