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Referring to the December 11 brutal murder of a man by a group of assailants, the Kerala High Court noted that people amputating the victim’s leg and throwing it on the road is a scary situation in the State.

People chopping off someone’s leg and throwing it on the road. It is scary. They (assailants) are all probably drug addicts and heavily into substance abuse. Where are we going like this,” said Justice Devan Ramachandran.

The observations were made during the hearing of a batch of petitions in connection to the assignment of land to scheduled castes and scheduled tribes in the state.

The bench raised the question that while the government was saying it will provide housing to these people, how will it ensure they have a source of livelihood?

“Over 50 lakh from other states were working in Kerala, but people here do not have jobs. This was leading to the younger generation resorting to crimes or drugs,” the court said.

On December 11, a group of 12 assailants hacked a man, wanted in an attempt to murder case, to death. The attackers carried rude bombs and machetes in their hands. They threatened the onlookers. They threw a bomb and put the machete near the neck of onlookers.

The deceased, Sudheesh was hiding in the house of a relative. As he got the information about the attackers, he ran away. The gang followed him and nabbed him in a nearby house. They hacked him to death, chopped off both his legs and threw one of his limbs on the road. Several of the accused have been arrested.

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