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On Saturday, a complaint has been filed in Kaliganj police station of Delhi against an Indian origin resident of Virginia, Vincent Xavier for waving the Indian flag during the violent protests by the pro-Donald Trump mob outside the US Capitol.

Xavier has his roots in Kochi, Kerala and was picked by Donald Trump to be a member in the President’s Export Council.

Twitter was blown out after seeing an Indian flag in the protests at the US Capitol against Joe Biden’s victory as the President of America. Among millions of people waving American confederate flags, Xavier was spotted with an Indian flag on Wednesday.

Talking to a media house, the 54-year-old entrepreneur, Vincent Xavier claimed that he was not a part of the violence that led to the deaths of five people. He stated that he was only there at the US Capitol to protest peacefully against the election fraud.

He further added that he held the Indian flag just to show that the Trump supporters were not racists, and the protest rally was not a racist movement. “I would not be able to hold an Indian flag and walk around if it was a racist movement,” Xavier told.

He mentioned that about ten Indians were there in the protests and five of them are from Kerala. He further added, “Whenever I have been at a Trump rally, I’ve seen people of Vietnamese, Korean, even Pakistani origin, carrying their flags. This is also to show that such rallies are not a racist movement.”

Vincent Xavier, who spent 25 years in India before migrating to the US, accused the people who climbed and breached the US Capitol of masquerading as Trump supporters.

He claimed, “They appear to be trained, professional thugs. They were either from our side or from the other side who tried to infiltrate our side. There isn’t clarity about their identity. However, if you see the way they climbed the walls, etc. it appears that they were trained very well. Only people in the military can do it. They appear to be Antifa, BLM (Black Lives Matter) thugs who support the Democratic Party who infiltrated into our side. They were the ones who opened the door, it was not the police.”

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