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Normally, when we drop money on road, it would be almost impossible to retrieve, since it might be stolen. However, thanks to COVID-19 pandemic; an auto driver in Bihar recovered his Rs 20,500 that he lost, as no one touched the notes believing ‘they were laced with coronavirus’.

Gajendra Shah, an auto driver in Kopa village of Bihar, lost the money while on his way to buy a tin shed from the district’s Mahua Bazaar. However, before reaching his destination, Shah realized to his shock that an amount of Rs 20,500 had gone missing from his pocket. He then realized that it must have fallen when he took out chewing tobacco from his pocket.

Although he got down from his auto and walked a few kilometers searching for his lost money, it went in vain. Crestfallen over having lost two months’ worth of earnings, Shah went back home. However, soon his neighbors informed him that Udakishunganj Police had recovered some cash which might be laced with coronavirus.

As a blessing in disguise, people were unwilling to touch it fearing it might carry the COVID-19 virus. People then called and told the police that the notes carried the virus and were part of a conspiracy to spread the infection. Soon, the police reached the spot and collected the money.

Later, Shah went to the police station along with witnesses to support his claim that the money belonged to him. After proper verification, the police handed over the money to Shah and asked the witnesses to submit a written undertaking.

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