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Cricketer Mohammad Shami’s estranged wife Hasin Jahan has filed a complaint in Lal Bazar police station in Kolkata after receiving continuous rape and murder threats over her congratulatory post on her social media account on the occasion of Ram Mandir Bhumi Pujan.

Hasin Jahan who is a model, actress, and dancer by profession, had uploaded a post on social media congratulating all on the Ram Temple Bhumi Pujan on August 5.

“Congratulating all the Hindus for the Bhoomi Puja of Ram Mandir in Ayodha,” stated the post.

To which an Instagram user named Hasib Khan verbally abused her and also gave rape and murder threats. She received similar threats from many other users too.

“On August 5, Ram Mandir was rebuilt and therefore I congratulated all of my Hindu brothers and sisters on social media. But then some mean-minded Muslims commented on my post. They have given rape threats and even murder threats,” stated Hasin.

She also said that she had attached the screenshots of complaint registered under cybercrime and wants the culprits to be punished.

Hasin stated in her complaint, “This is very much unfortunate that I have been continuously harassed at abused by certain mean-minded people after I wished our Hindu brothers and sisters for the erection of the Ram mandir Ayodhya on August 5, 2020.”

She had also expressed her distress that in this situation, she is feeling helpless and worried about her daughter’s future also. Hasin further added that this continuous attack through social media like Instagram, Facebook and Twitter makes her jeopardised, please help me as she is feeling insecure every moment and if this continues, she will be mentally depressed and dejected.

“I will be highly obliged if you kindly take immediate action. I am feeling highly insecure as I live alone with my daughters. Now every second has become a nightmare for me,” added Jahan.

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