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With upholding the decision, a Keralite nurse from Kollenkode in Palakkad district has been sentenced to death for the murder of her husband who was a Yemen national by an appeals court in Sana’s. Yemen law and Talal’s family has agreed for the Nimisha’s release only if they will give blood money of Rs 70 lakh.

30-year-old Nimisha Priya was sentenced to death in 2018 for chopping off her husband, Talal Abdu Mahdi and keeping him in a water tank for over a week. Police arrested her after local residents sensed the stench from their house and reported to the police immediately. She is currently lodged in a prison in Yemen

Nimisha’s Yemeni friend, Hanan is the second accused who has been awarded life imprisonment.

“Nimisha, who was working as a nurse in a hospital, wanted to set up a clinic on her own. As only Yemen nationals were allowed to do so, she arranged a fake certificate showing her marriage to Mahdi, who was already married. The certificate enabled the clinic to get a license from the government in 2014,” said KL Balachandran, NRI (Keralites) Commission advocate.

He further added, “Mahdi used to take all the money received at the clinic and subjected Nimisha to all sorts of torture. He seized her passport and prevented her from leaving the country. He also took away all her ornaments. Nimisha stated she was threatened with a gun several times.”

“Talal inflicted severe tortures on Nimisha that was on mentally, physically, and sexually. He exploited her in all possible means and wrested the entire money earned through the nursing centre. Talal want to wrest all the money from her. Besides the man allegedly exploited her sexually and even attempts were done to gang-rape her with his friends, ” stated Nimisha’s mother. She is approaching the Kerala government for the release of her daughter.

Nimisha’s lawyer has refused to go to Yemen to fight her case amid the COVID-19 outbreak and stated that it is difficult to get a lawyer in such a situation as it is needed to pay Rs 10 lakh to the lawyer itself.

She has written to the state government citing the reason that she has to take the extreme step as she was subjected to torture and harassment.

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