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The death toll has climbed to three leaving 60 personnel seriously injured during the violent clash erupted due to derogatory remarks against a minority community in a Facebook post. Irking over the post, the mob has vandalized residence of a Congress MLA and a police station as well.

“Also a total of 110 accused have been arrested for arson, stone-pelting, and assault on police,” said Police Commissioner Kamal Pant. Section 144 of Code of Criminal Procedure (CrPC) has been imposed in DG Halli and KG Halli areas.

“DG Halli and KG Halli saw violent incidents. To bring this under control, police used lathi-charge, tear gas, and firing. Police Commissioner went to the spot. Police bandobast is in place. Strict action will be taken against those offenders,” Bengaluru police wrote to Twitter.

On Wednesday evening, a huge mob gathered outside Legislative assembly (MLA) Srinivas Murthy’s house after one of the MLA’s relatives Praveen had shared a post with derogatory remarks targetting Muslim community. The mob attacked the MLA’s house and set ablaze all the vehicles in the surrounding.

Violent gathering then moved to the police station set 24 four-wheelers on fire and 200 bikes kept at a police station. They pelted stones and bottles on the MLA’s house and police personnel.

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