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On Monday, a Delhi High Court has awarded the death penalty to Ariz Khan, who was recently convicted in the 2008 Batla House encounter case, wherein a Police inspector was killed.

Additional Sessions Judge Sandeep Yadav opined that the natural and inescapable conclusion of Khan’s conduct was that there was no chance of his reformation.

“Convict on account of his despicable act has forfeited his right to live. After balancing mitigating circumstances against aggravating circumstances, it is concluded that it is a rarest of rare case where the convict deserves the maximum sentence provided under the law. It is the level of magnitude, a decree of brutality, attitude, and mindset of wrongdoer behind the crime along with other factors which make it a rarest of the rare case. The interest of justice will be met if a convict is awarded the death penalty,” said the Court while citing that this was a case that fell under the ‘rarest of the rare’ category.

The court further said that the abhorrent and brutal act of firing on police party without any provocation itself showed that Khan was not only a threat to the society but was also an enemy of the State.

A fine of Rs 11 lakh was also imposed on Khan, out of which Rs 10 lakh shall be released as compensation to the wife of the deceased police officer’s wife.

“I feel the fine of Rs 10 lakh is insufficient. Hence, I am referring the matter to Delhi Legal Services Authority for the award of additional compensation,” the judge further said.

The matter has now been sent to the Delhi High Court for confirmation of the death penalty.

Earlier on 8 March, the court had said that it was “duly proved that Ariz Khan and his associates caused the murder of police officer and fired gunshot on the police officers”.

A trial court had sentenced Indian Mujahideen terrorist Shahzad Ahmed in July 2013 to life imprisonment in connection with the case. His appeal against the verdict has been pending in the high court.

Ariz Khan had reportedly fled from the spot and was declared a proclaimed offender. He was arrested on 14 February 2018 and faced the trial.

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