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Delhi High Court on Thursday has given a deadline of two weeks to the advocates to furnish their complete information which also needs to be credible to the Delhi government to avail the benefits guaranteed under CM Advocates Welfare Scheme.

The order is issued by a single judge bench of Justice Prathiba M Singh. “The two weeks’ time shall commence from 28th December, 2020, by which time, the circular would be prepared and widely circulated amongst all the members of the BCD. This order shall extend to only those lawyers who had registered prior to the deadline fixed and shall not extend to lawyers who had not previously registered,” the order states.

Delhi High Court gave the order following the information submitted by Delhi High Court and insurance agencies about the discrepancies in their personal information furnished in connection to their dependents and other required details.

Arvind Kejriwal-led Delhi government has stated that in order to facilitate the process of issuance of documents to the insurance policies, they have proposed to re-open the link to enable lawyers to complete their data.

New India Assurance Company Limited (NIACL) stated that the card will only be issued after the beneficiaries will complete the date with accurate details. “Until then, cashless services would be provided by NIACL and claims would be reimbursed once the data was completed,” said NIACL.

Taking note of the discrepancies, Delhi High Court asked the ruling party Aam Aadmi Party and the Bar Council of Delhi to issue a circular to inform the advocates about the effect and benefits of NIACL policy. The circular must also inform them about the fact that they are required to update/rectify/provide their details. The court ordered that the circular should be published on all the websites of different Bar Associations.

Earlier this year, the Delhi government approved Chief Minister Advocates Welfare Scheme which provides several benefits including Group (Term) Insurance, Group Medi-Claim, e-library, and creche for advocates in Delhi.

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