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In a bizarre incident reported in Bokaro, a bank employee after being denied leave by the seniors reported to work with oxygen support along with his family members.

The incident was reported in Sector 4 branch of Punjab National Bank. The man identified as Arvind Kumar has recovered from Covid-19 but his lungs are still infected and therefore he is on oxygen support. His family alleged the seniors didn’t grant him leave and pressurized him to come to the office.

“When the bank officials did not consider his leave application, he even submitted his resignation, which was also rejected. Now, they are threatening to cut his salary due to which he was forced to come to work with oxygen support,” said one of the family members who accompanied Arvind Kumar to the bank.

The family member further added that with no option left, he has to join the office in this condition.

After all the high tension drama, Arvind Kumar was asked to go home. Employees refrained from commenting on the issue.

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