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Bombay High Court on Wednesday directed an advocate to deposit Rs 1 lakh security before the court hears his public interest litigation. The advocate had filed a petition challenging the constitutional validity of the Epidemic Diseases Act, 1897.

The bench directed the petitioner to deposit the amount, otherwise, the PIL will be considered dismissed.

Advocate Harshal Mirashi, President of social organization for Welfare, Liberty, and Integration. In the PIL, Mirashi urged for the directions to strike down the act and its operations claiming it to be unconstitutional and violative of fundamental rights.

The petition also sought directions to issue interim orders to the state not to re-impose lockdown, force quarantine, and penalize those without masks. Earlier, he had moved Supreme Court and was directed to move HC.

He claimed that the so-called Corona pandemic is an artificial crisis and nothing more than cough and sneeze.

The Bombay High Court bench directed him to deposit a heavy security amount for filing such a frivolous petition. “If you succeed, then you will get the security amount,” Chief Justice said.

The bench also questioned the petitioner whether the figures of Covid-19 are incorrect.

To which Advocate Mirashi replied that Covid-19 cases figures are media generated and are misleading the public. He further added, “People dying with other diseases are shown as Covid-9 patients.

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