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The National Commission for Women has written a letter to Union Education Minister Dharmendra Pradhan to intervene and sought action against the sociology textbook for nurses. The book has listed shocking ‘Merits of Dowry’.

Another letter has been written to Ministry of Health and Family Welfare Secretary Rajesh Bhushan to take necessary action and inform the Commission after seven days.

As stated in the media reports, the material suggests that getting a share of parental property in dowry is one of the “merits” of the regressive practice. In the book’s cover, it is reported to be written according to the syllabus of the Indian Nursing Council. The page is from the Textbook of Sociology for Nurses by TK Indrani, under the heading, “The Merits of Dowry“,” the letter says.

The ‘Textbook of Sociology for Nurses’ authored by T K Indrani is claimed to be written as per the Indian Nursing Council syllabus for second-year B.Sc. students.

The Commission stated that dowry is a deep-rooted social evil in India, and portraying it in a positive way would undermine women’s empowerment.

The letter also stated, “The matter is of serious concern and the Commission has taken cognizance. It sends a very wrong message to the students about the prevailing menace of ‘dowry’.”

Indian Nursing Council condemned the “derogatory content” in the Sociology textbook for nurses and also stated that it doesn’t endorse any author or publication nor has it allowed any author to use the name of the Indian Nursing Council for their publications.

It has been brought to the notice of the Indian Nursing Council that some authors of Sociology for Nurses are quoting INC syllabus to publish substandard content in textbooks. INC strongly condemns any derogatory content which is against the prevailing law of the land,” INC said.

It further said, “It is clarified that INC only prescribes syllabus for various nursing programs which is placed on its website. Indian Nursing Council as a policy does not endorse any author or publication nor has allowed any author to use the name of Indian Nursing Council for their publications.

Merits Of Dowry

The advantages of dowry that were listed in the book include

  • Dowry is helpful in establishing new household. The custom of giving household items like cots, mattresses, television, fan, refrigerator, utensils, clothes and even vehicle are found in many parts of our India as dowry.
  • The parental share of property. The girl receives a share of the parental property as dowry.
  • Spread of education among girls. Because of burden of dowry, many parents have started educating their girls. When the girls are educated or even employed, the demand of dowry will be less. Thus it is an indirect advantage.
  • Ugly looking girls can be married off with attractive dowry with well or ugly looking boys.

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