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Amid ongoing war in Ukraine, India is making its best possible efforts to evacuate stranded Indians. Here are the helpline numbers for Indian students in Ukraine.

Ministry of External Affairs has set up a 24×7 control room to provide assistance and information to the Indians stranded in Ukraine. It has shared details of four teams who are en route to borders with Poland, Slovakia, Romania and Hungary.

MEA Helpline Numbers for Evacuation of Indians


A team in Hungary is on its way to the Zahony border post opposite Uzhhorod in Zakarpattia Oblast of Ukraine. The team members’ names and phone numbers are listed below:

  • S. Ramji: Mobile:+36305199944  Whatsapp:+917395983990
  • Ankur: Mobile and Whatsapp: +36308644597
  • Mohit Nagpal: Mobile: +36302286566 Whatsapp: +918950493059


A team is on its way to Krakowiec land border with Ukraine.

Pankaj Garg Mobile: +48660460814 /+48606700105


A team in the Slovak Republic is on its way to the Vysne Nemecke land border with Ukraine.

  • Manoj Kumar Mobile: +421908025212
  • Ivan Kozinka Mobile: +421908458724


A team in Romania is on its way to the Suceava land border with Ukraine.

  • Gaushul Ansari Mobile: +40731347728
  • Uddeshya Priyadarshi Mobile: +40724382287
  • Ms. Andra Harionov Mobile: +40763528454
  • Marius Sima Mobile: +40722220823

Delhi Control Room Helpline Numbers

+911123012113, +911123914104, +911123017905 and 1800118797

Additional Helpline Numbers for Indians Stranded In Ukraine

+38 0997300428, +38 0997300483, +38 0933980327, +38 0635917881, +38 0935046170.

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Need Help From Indian Embassy In Ukraine

+380997300428 and +38099730048

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