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When this deadly pandemic is affecting everybody so badly, there is a father who found it useful to stop his daughter’s court marriage.

A 19-year old girl had gone to the district court in Khandwa, Madhya Pradesh to perform the court marriage with a bridegroom of her choice. But she was immediately sent back home when her father shouted in the court that his daughter is corona positive.

Although the report has not come yet, the girl is sent to the home isolation for fourteen days as per the government directives.

The incident happened on Monday when a couple from Bhallai village along with their friends went to the Khandwa district in Madhya Pradesh to register their marriage.

Lawyer Virender Verma was assisting them in registering the marriage. While collecting the documents, the girl’s father approached him and told him that his daughter is corona positive after which she was asked to leave the court premises.

“Both of them are adults. None of them had any symptoms and looked fine when they came to me. But their family seemed to be not in support of their marriage, and they might have come out with this idea to put the marriage on hold for some time,” Verma told TOI.

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