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Amid the ongoing election campaigns, a slogan that is trending on all social media platforms led Prime Minister Narendra Modi into legal trouble. An FIR has been filed against PM Modi over his “Didi o Didi” remark.

A woman has alleged that she fell prey to the eve teasing when two men teased her with the ‘Didi o Didi’ tune in the city of Khas in Kolkata. She has lodged an FIR against the duo.

The Bengal Citizens Forum has also lodged a complaint against Amherst Street Police Station on the name of Prime Minister Narendra Modi. “The eve-teasing is the result of the way in which Mamata Banerjee is being ridiculed with ‘Didi o Didi’ tune in every rallies of Prime Minister Narendra Modi,” stated the FIR.

The complainant claimed that by imitating Mamta Banerjee with ‘Didi o Didi’, women of the city are subjected to insult. The forum members have also sought legal action against the eve teasers. They burnt effigies of Narendra Modi and also staged a protest demanding Narendra Modi to apologize.

“The manner in which the Prime Minister is harassing the daughter of Bengal Mamata Banerjee is insulting. The mothers and sisters of the neighborhood are being harassed by imitating his behavior,” the Bengal Forum said.

Besides lodging an FIR, the forum has also informed the Election Commission about the incident.

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