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In a shocking twist in the Ghaziabad gangrape case, the police on Thursday stated that the alleged abduction and gang-rape of a 38-year-old Delhi woman was a totally made-up and fabricated case over a property dispute. Three other men have also been arrested in connection to the conspiracy who confessed the same.

News about a 38-year-old woman being gang-raped in Ghaziabad shook everyone in the country. The matter got public attention after Delhi Commission for Women chief Swati Maliwal shared about the incident on her Twitter account where she claimed that the 36-year-old woman was found wrapped in a jute bag with her hands and legs tied, and an iron rod was inserted in her private parts.

“@NCWIndia is taking cognizance of the matter and sending a two-member fact-finding team to meet the family of the victim and the concerned authorities,” she tweeted.

The Whole Ghaziabad Gangrape Incident Was A Cooked Up Story: Police Claims

In a press conference held on Thursday, Ghaziabad police informed that no gangrape has happened and the whole story was cooked up by the woman and her 3 friends in connection to a property dispute. The police has also arrested her friends Azad, Gaurav and Afzal.

While addressing the press conference, Meerut Range IG Praveen Kumar said, “This is one of its kind conspiracy that these people have hatched. The collaborative evidence and the results of the forensic and medical investigations are found to be logically concurrent with the confessional statements given by these persons during the investigations. Therefore, things have become clear now.

He added, “Examining the records of the person named Azad, it was found that this person has made multiple Aadhar cards. He has also made an Aadhar card in the name of the husband of the woman. A case is being separately registered on this basis. The conspiracy was hatched in order to hamper a legal case already going on. A separate case is being registered on that too. We will take action against the guilty according to the evidence. We will ensure that whatever factors we come across while investigating this case, we will take these factors to a logical end by forming a strong case before the court so that we operate in better order.”

The whole team has done a very good job in this case. Especially, I would like to mention our SP of the crime branch who gave ample time to this case yesterday, visited the hospital yesterday, and also today in the morning, took efforts to understand all the medicolegal examinations and interpretations of their results. After going through all the details received, we arrested three persons in this case so far. We have also recovered the car used to drop these people on the spot. We have also recovered a few things along with this car. Further investigation, in this case, is going on,” IG Kumar said.

He further said, “Different types of misleading information were being spread about this case. Normally we do not hold a press conference in between when the investigations are going on. But misconceptions were being propagated about this case. Therefore we found it necessary to put the facts proved on a scientific basis in front of the press.”

Reportedly, Azad had paid money to a person to give more publicity to the matter and the police has found evidence for the same. Azad’s phone was switched off after the woman went missing and as soon as he switched on his phone, his location was the same where the woman was lying.

Allegedly, Azad had taken the woman with him along with his two friends and stayed together for 2 days. There are already three cases registered against him.

As per the police, the woman was taken to a government hospital in Ghaziabad for a medical examination and then asked to go to Meerut. She refused to undergo the medical examination. Then, she was admitted to GTB Hospital in Delhi.

What Was The Ghaziabad Gangrape Case?

On October 18, Nandgram police station at around 3.30 am received information from UP-112 that a woman was lying on Ashram Road. The woman alleged that five men named Dinu, Shahrukh, Javed, Dhola, and Aurangzeb alias Jahir abducted and gang-raped her. Taking cognizance of the complaint, the police arrested four of them.

She claimed that she was returning to Delhi after attending a birthday party in Ghaziabad on Sunday and her brother had dropped her off at a bus stand. While she was waiting for an auto, five men allegedly abducted her and took her to a secluded place. She also mentioned about the ongoing property dispute which is sub-judice in Delhi’s Karkarduma Court.

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