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Sagar Kishore Naharshetivar, who has made a round of several hospitals in two states — Maharashtra and Telangana to get a bed for his ailing father for more than 24 hours, made a heart-wrenching plea before the hospital. His level of distress forced him to request the hospital staff, “Give him a hospital bed, or just kill him with an injection”.

The healthcare system seems to be overwhelmed with the sudden inflow of patients due to the Covid-19 second wave. All the hospitals in Chandrapur (850 km from Mumbai), were closed for 24 hours and the patients can be seen lying outside hospitals in ambulances.

Sagar Kishore was also waiting for a bed for his father outside a hospital in an ambulance. “I have been on the move since 3 pm yesterday. First I went to the Warora hospital, then the one in Chandrapur. Then we went to private hospitals as there were no beds,” he said.

Sahar Kishore further added, “We reached Telangana around 3 am. But there were no beds there either. Then we came back in the morning. We have been waiting here since. Either you make a bed available for him, or you kill him with an injection. I cannot take him home like this and you have no beds available.”

His father’s oxygen was also running out and feeling helpless in the situation, he made such a request.

Maharashtra is the worst-hit state in the country. Uddhav Thackeray announced a series of lockdown-like restrictions for the state for 15 days.

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