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In a bizarre incident, a man in Jaipur reached court with 1 and 2 rupee coins to give ₹ 55,000 of maintenance dues to his wife which he has not paid for the last 11 months. His family brought the money in seven sacks after he was arrested for not paying the maintenance.

The counsel for the wife objected to the payment, terming it “mental harassment”. However, the bench allowed the payment but asked the husband to count the coins in court and make packets of Rs 1000 each to hand them over to the wife on the next date of hearing on June 26.

A family court has been hearing their divorce case and has directed the husband to pay monthly maintenance of Rs 5000. The husband has not paid the amount for over 11 months. 

When Seema Kumawat’s advocate objected to the payment citing it as equal to mental harassment, the husband’s counsel stated that these coins are legal tender and the wife cannot refuse to accept the payment.

The court then allowed the husband to give the coins after counting them on the next hearing in the family court on June 26. Till then, the coins will remain in the custody of the court. The husband will have to count the coins and make packets of ₹ 1000 each before handing them over to the wife in the court,” the bench said.

It was done in a pre-planned manner just to harass the woman. However, the court has permitted him to give the coins,” the wife’s counsel stated.

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