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In a bizarre incident, police has arrested a woman for selling her two-month-old baby for Rs 45,000 when her husband walks out on her. Five other accused are also arrested in the case.

All six accused are identified as Ayesha Jabeen, Shameem Begum, Shameem’s sister Siraj Begum and two mediators- Shaik Mohammed and his wife Tabassum and the infant’s mother herself. Police recovered the baby within 24 hours after receiving the complaint.

As per the police, 22-year-old mother Shaikh Zoya Khan was left alone by her husband Abdul Mujahed on August 3 after they both had a fight over a petty issue. After which she has sold the baby to mere the expenses. Mujahed returned back on August 8 and when didn’t find the baby in the house, started locating the infant.

Mujahed had registered a complaint on August 11 in the police station after Zoya confessed the crime. Police took her in custody where she told that she sold the child through a mediator.

Many allegations were speculated in the case, some alleging that she done that on account of her addiction to alcohol while some said that she did that to fulfill her desire to go to Mumbai.

Zoya told that she had sold the baby for 45,000 to Shaik Mohammad and Tabassum Begum. But later when Mujahed contacted the couple, they said that they had sold the child to someone else.

The police has lodged the case under the Juvenile Justice Act.

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