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Senior Advocate Harish Salve has recused himself as the amicus curiae in the suo moto case taken up by the Supreme Court related to the shortage of oxygen, drug supply, and vaccine in view of the worsening pandemic situation. The Supreme Court has sought a national plan on Covid management on Thursday.

“It’s the most sensitive case this Court will look into. I don’t want this case to be decided under a shadow that I knew CJI from school and college and allegations being made or there is conflict of interest,” submitted Harish Salve.

Hearing his submission, CJI Bobde stated that there was nothing clandestine about their relationship.

After which Harish Salve went on to write, “I did not know our Bar is divided among industries we appear for. Please allow me to recuse with all humility. I appeared for Vedanta since I was informed ten minutes before mentioning…I don’t want any side show. The language of the narrative now is very different.”

“We will honour your sentiments and you must have been pained. We will allow your request. I also saw what a senior lawyer said but everyone has an opinion,” CJI allowed Salve’s recusal.

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