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UP Health Department Ordered a probe after a video of a private hospital’s owner went viral. The owner can be heard saying that he snapped the oxygen supply of critical patients, both in Covid as well as non-Covid wards to experiment to know who all can survive.

He claimed that the hospital did so as they have acute shortage of Oxygen. The owner also claimed that 22 patients have died during this 5 minutes mock drill.

“I decided to conduct an experiment/mock drill as we were facing an acute shortage of oxygen as people were not ready to discharge their patients despite multiple requests. At 7 AM on April 26, we snapped the oxygen supply for five minutes. Soon, 22 patients’ bodies turned blue and they started gasping for breath so we came to know that they won’t survive in case there is no oxygen. Then, we ask family members of the remaining 74 patients to arrange their own oxygen cylinders,” Arinjay Jain, owner of Paras Hospital on NH 2 said in the purported video.

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