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A Supreme Court bench of Justice Uday U Lalit and Justice Vineet Sharan disposed of a plea filed by a woman seeking return of her jewellery from the husband while stating “Indian women are usually very possessive about their gold ornaments”.

The lawyer representing the woman claimed that her jewellery is with her husband and she wanted him to return it.

“In India, women usually carry their gold ornaments in such circumstances. They are very possessive about gold ornaments and jewellery,” observed the bench.

While giving the decision, the Supreme Court took the reference of the Kerala High Court order in which the woman has initially stated that she had taken the jewellery when she left her house. Now she is claiming that the jewellery is with her husband and she wants it back.

The bench has also disposed of the second plea filed by her seeking divorce by the High Court, mentioning that there are enough grounds to pass a separation decree.

“Look at the kind of wild allegations made by you. The husband took the grounds of desertion as well as cruelty and the High Court has noted it was almost impossible for you two to live together,” told the bench. Therefore, refused to interfere with the Kerala High Court’s order.

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