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On 20 February, the Gujarat High Court issued instructions to its administrative wing, to ensure double-sided printing for documents, so as to achieve the substantial save of paper and to contribute to the green initiative.

Following the resolution passed on 14 February, in the Standing Committee Meeting of the High Court headed by the Chief Justice Vikram Nath, the circular of an initiative to save paper through the use of double-sided printing was issued by the High Court, yesterday.

Presently, the Court documents are normally filed with print on one side. However, on 13 February, the Supreme Court issued a circular approving the use of A4 size papers for filing documents, with print on both the sides which was sought in the environmental interest. The decision was taken up in a meeting of the Committee for Rationalization of Use of Papers in the Supreme Court of India and for Introduction of Paperless Courts with members of the Supreme Court Bar Association (SCBA) and the Supreme Court Advocates on Record Association.

Citing the similar stance, the Gujarat High Court Registry has decided to implement double-sided printing for the court documents and mentioned in the circular, the fifteen areas where the initiative will have an effect.

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