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A Los Angeles Supreme Court judge has turned down the request of songwriter and singer Britney Spears to terminate her father Jamie Spears from her conservatorship who remains a steward of her $60 million fortune. On June 23, she gave an explosive testimony during an open court hearing wherein she termed the conservatorship “abusive”.

The conservator’s request to suspend James P. Spears immediately upon the appointment of Bessemer Trust Company of California as sole conservator of estate is denied without prejudice,” stated the court documents.

Bessemer Trust Files To Resign As Britney’s Co-Conservator

Bessemer Trust, a private, independent multi-family office that oversees more than $140 billion for over 2,500 families, foundations, and endowments filed a request to no longer be the co-conservator of Britney Spears citing her claims of “irreparable harm to her interests”. They have joined as Britney’s co-conservator in November 2020.

As a result of the Conservatee’s testimony at the June 23 hearing, however, Petitioner has become aware that the Conservatee objects to the continuance of her Conservatorship and desires to terminate the Conservatorship. Petitioner has heard the Conservatee and respects her wishes,” said the document submitted by Bessemer Trust.

“I Want My Life Back”

39-year-old American singer Britney Spears made explosive revelations during an open court hearing on June 23. She spoke for over 24 minutes about the 13-year long conservatorship which she called “abusive and also submitted that she felt like a victim of sex trafficking. She claimed that she was given medications without her consent.

She also added that she wanted her life back, she wants to marry her boyfriend, an Iranian actor and model Sam Asghari, and have babies. But conservatorship won’t allow her to. Adding more to the allegations, she was forced to use birth control against her will to prevent her from getting pregnant. She was represented by attorney Samuel Ingham III.

Not Raised Conservatorship Issue For The First Time

Britney Spears claimed that this is not the first time she is raising her voice against conservatorship, but all the previous hearings were kept out of the public domain. She alleged that she has not felt heard during these hearings. “They’ve interfered with my life so I feel like it should be an open court hearing and they should listen and hear what I have to say,” stated Britney.

For now, the LA court system has ended a scheme that allowed press members to listen to the court proceedings remotely. The decision came after the audio of Spears’s testimony was recorded and leaked online.

Why Was Britney’s Conservatorship Put In Place?

After Britney Spears divorced Kevin Federline in 2007, she lost custody of their two children. Following her erratic behaviour, her visitation rights were suspended. The erratic behaviour involved shaving her head and attacking a paparazzo’s car with an umbrella. Taking note of her mental breakdown, she was put under conservatorship in 2008.

68-year-old Jamie Spears denied all the allegations and filed a petition to investigate her claims. He claimed that he has not actually been in charge of her personal affairs since he stepped down from the conservator role in 2019 citing his ill health. He was replaced by a temporary caregiver, Jodi Montgomery.

What Is Conservatorship?

A conservatorship is a form of adult guardianship in the United States which is granted either by the court or via a statutory or regulatory authority to individuals who are incapable of making their own decisions. The court appoints a guardian or a protector by a judge to manage the financial affairs and/or daily life of another person due to old age or physical or mental limitations.

Major Powers of Conservatorship

  1. Consenting or withholding consent to medical treatment on behalf of the conservatee.
  2. Access to confidential records of the conservatee,
  3. Investing the funds of the conservatee.
  4. Buying and selling assets. Collecting debts.
  5. Representing the conservatee during legal proceedings.
  6. Communicating with investors and financial institutions.
  7. Consent or withhold consent to marriage of the young adult child.
  8. Control the young adult child’s social and sexual relationships.

Other Celebrities Under Conservatorship

  • Amanda Bynes
  • Brian Wilson
  • Joni Mitchell
  • Mickey Rooney
  • Randy Meisner
  • Casey Kasem

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