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No one is unaware of the ugly war between two of the Bollywood superstars, Kangana Ranaut and Hrithik Roshan. Following a letter from Hrithik’s lawyer, the 2016 FIR imposter case against Kangana Ranaut and an unknown person has been transferred from Cyber Cell to Crime Branch (Crime Intelligence Unit).

As per the sources, Hrithik through senior counsel Mahesh Jethmalani wrote a letter to the Mumbai Police Commissioner to transfer the case from Cyber Cell and investigate the matter properly to serve justice.

Reacting to the news, Kangana tweeted, “His sob story starts again, so many years since our break up and his divorce but he refuses to move on, refuses to date any woman, just when I gather courage to find some hope in my personal life he starts the same drama again,
@iHrithik kab tak royega ek chote se affair keliye?”

In 2016, Hrithik had lodged an FIR against an unknown person under Section 419 of IPC and Section 66 C and D of the Information Technology Act while denying all the allegations made by Kangana Ranaut of their alleged affair.

The letter sent to Mumbai Police Commissioner stated, “We write to you on behalf of our client Mr. Hrithik Roshan. Our client lodged a FIR bearing C.R.No.78/ 2016 dated 23.05.2016, with the cyber crime police station against unidentified individuals for offenses punishable under sections 419 IPC r/w. sections 66(c) and 66 (d) of the IT Act. A copy of the FIR is attached herewith for ease of reference. Our client co-operated with the investigation and handed over his electronic devices. It is pertinent to state that inspite of an order dated 30.11.2016, passed by the Ld. Magistrate, Esplanade Court, directing return of our client’s laptop and phone he has not collected the same as he wanted to assist the police reach the real culprits who had impersonated him.”

“Pursuant thereto, a complaint dated April 07, 2017 was also filed with the cyber crime police station. In the said complaint the immense harassment and stalking caused to our client has been detailed at length. A copy of the said complaint is hereto attached for ease of reference. Our client handed over all the relevant documents viz copies of all the emails, his passport, etc.,” wrote Mahesh Jethmalani.

The letter further stated, “Our client also met the top police officials when he reiterated all the facts and informed them about the trauma being caused to him and his family. He also reiterated his request for a timely investigation. However, till date there has been no progress in the investigation and the aforementioned cases are still pending. We thus request to kindly look in the matter and issue appropriate orders to kindly direct completion of investigation at the earliest since the same is pending since 2016.”

Counting to be the ugliest spat of Bollywood, in 2016 Hrithik Roshan filed an FIR against Kangana Ranaut for calling him her ‘silly ex’ during an interview. Both of them sent legal notices to each other.

“On coming to know of Hrithik’s real email ID, you (Kangana) sent a barrage of emails to him. Our client tried to ignore all the emails (total 1439) to him even though it amounted to mental harassment and stress. Besides sending emails to our client you have also been telling people in the film industry about your affair with him and then called our client a ‘silly ex’,” stated a legal notice from Hrithik.

While Kangana’s legal notice stated, “My client (Kangana) states that it was Hrithik who wanted to communicate from a newly created ID because of his impending divorce. In an effort to safeguard his name, image and reputation your client (Hrithik) time and again malafidely and in mischief hacked my client’s email ID and deleted all the mails sent by him.”

Hrithik had alleged that all the allegations posed by Hrithik are false and someone impersonated him.

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