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In the mysterious death of the Kanpur businessman Manish Gupta in Gorakhpur during a hotel raid, 6 cops have been suspended and booked for murder. The autopsy report has revealed serious body injuries on the right arm, wrist, middle of the head, and eyelid which raise everyone’s eyebrows over the story narrated by police.

As per the post-mortem report, the 5×4 cm injury in the middle of Manish’s head proved to be the most fatal one. There were stick marks on his right arm and injuries around his left eyelid. Other than the post-mortem report, it was claimed that the businessman’s wife found a blood-stained towel under the bed in their hotel room while collecting his luggage from there.

Police Claims About The Death Appears False

Phalmandi Police post-in-charge, Akshay Mishra who was among the six cops who entered the hotel named Krishna Palace late on Monday. He submitted that they raided the place as they have a tip regarding three suspicious persons staying in the hotel.

“When we entered the room, Manish was drunk and he fell on the floor. Later, he died,” said Mishra. But with every video coming out, witnesses narrating their stories, and most importantly the autopsy revelations, all their claims seem to be false. All the cops have been absconding.

Manish Gupta Allegedly Murdered By Police

38-year old property dealer, Manish Gupta was staying with his two friends in room number 512 of Krishna Palace in Gorakhpur. Harveer Singh, one of his friends, submitted, “The three of us were sleeping in our room. Around 12:30 a.m, the doorbell rang. I opened the door and there were five-seven policemen there along with the boy from the reception. They came inside the room and started asking us for IDs. I showed my ID and then woke up Manish. He asked the cops why we were being troubled this late at night. The cops then started threatening us.”

Policemen Alleged To Be Drunk

Harveer further added, “They appeared drunk. I was slapped by one of the policemen. Some of them had guns. The cops then took me outside. A while later, I saw Manish was being dragged out of the room by the cops and there was blood all over his face.”

No Cremation Without An FIR

Manish Gupta’s Wife Meenakshi and the whole family had refused to cremate the body unless the culprits are booked. Now, the family has agreed to cremate the body as all the six cops have been booked under Section 306 of the Indian Penal Code.

Rs 10 lakh compensation have been handed over to the deceased’s family by police and have also assured to put their demand before the higher authorities including

  • Transfer the case to Kanpur;
  • Rs 50 lakh in compensation; and
  • Government job.

Cops’ Efforts To Dissuade Victim’s Family From Pursuing Case, Video Goes Viral

The things you might have been watching in movies are happening in the real world. A video surfacing on the internet where cops visited the deceased’s family to dissuade them from pursuing the case, left everyone shocked.

In the video, they told the family that if they go to court, the matter will go on for years.

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