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J K Lon Hospital in Kota is again hitting the headlines over alleged medical negligence and multiple infant deaths. Nine infants have died within 24 hours in the state-run hospital. Among the nine deceased, five infants died on Wednesday and four died on Thursday.

The family members of the deceased have accused the hospital staff of medical negligence and sat on dharana inside the hospital.

“When we took our baby to the hospital, the staff said we can’t do anything and the doctors will see him in the morning,” said one of the parents.

State Health Minister, Raghu Sharma has ordered a probe into the matter and stated, “I have asked for a report after getting the news of the death of nine infants at Kota’s JK Lon Hospital. I have also told them that under no circumstances not even one child should die because of negligence of doctors. According to the report that I have received, out of the nine infants who died, three were already dead when they arrived, three died because of congenital diseases and three other infants died cot deaths. Cot deaths happen due to causes such as milk getting inside lungs while feeding etc.”

He further assured that the government will ensure that no infant dies in the future.

The report submitted by hospital authorities stated that three of the infants were brought dead, some died due top congenial malformations, and the rest were usual infant deaths.

“Nine newborn infants died in the past 24 hours between Wednesday morning and today afternoon. Since this is the biggest hospital in the entire zone and hundreds of patients come to us daily, everyday on an average 5-6 deaths of children happen. Out of the nine infants, several were also suffering from congenital disorders, and three were brought to the hospital dead,” Dr SC Dulara, superintendent, JK Lon Hospital.

This is not the first time J K Lon Hospital of Kota, Rajasthan is being criticized for its medical services. The hospital was highly condemned for the death of 100 infants within one month between the time period of December 2019 and January 2020.

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