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Madras High Court has directed the producers of “Bhanumati Ramakrishna” to rename their title and insert an ampersand between the two words. The bench has also asked the production house to run a disclaimer stating that the movie is not a biopic of yesteryear film personality Bhanumathi Ramakrishna.

Telangana based production house has scheduled the release of web movie directed by Srikanth Nagothi this Friday.

A civil suit has been filed by actress’s son Bharani R. Paluval seeking the permanent injunction to restrict the production house from using the title in such manner. Besides that, the petitioner has also sought Rs 1 crore compensation.

The petitioner argued that using her mother’s name in this or any other movie would amount to defame the legendary actress’s name and such unauthorized use of Bhanumati’s name has caused physical and mental pain.

Counsel V. Raghavachari appearing for plaintiff Bharani R Paluval stated that even if the name will be altered, that would be enough for his client and he is not interested in money. Raghavachari said that the plaintiff will be satisfied if the production house will insert an ampersand in between and will run a disclaimer in the beginning.

Justice N. Sathishkumar has disposed of the civil suit after movie makers had accepted both the suggestions.

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