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On Sunday, a 45-years old man died after his wife hit him on the head with a fish knife and chopped off his genitals over an erupted family fight. The death was reported in the Howrah district of West Bengal.

The incident took place in Malipukur in Jujarsaha village in Panchla police station area. Manira, the deceased’s wife has been arrested.

Police have recovered the fish knife with which Manira used to kill her husband and dead body of Mohsin Mallik has been sent for the post-martem.

It was suspected that Manira is mentally challenged and are on medications. They used to fight often and the incident was also a result of their fight.

Mohsin Mallik and Manira have two sons. One of them told the police that after they woke up in the morning, their mother asked them to go to their parents’ bedroom and see what their mother has done.

“When they rushed to the bedroom they saw their father, wrapped in a blanket, lying on the floor in a pool of blood,” said the police.

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