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In a shocking and shameful incident, a man from Bhagalpur district lost her wife in a gambling bet. He also let his friends rape her and forced her into physical relations with them. His cruelty continued as he poured acid on his wife to purify her.

“Due to the sensitivity of the incident, we have immediately registered an FIR and arrested the accused. Further investigation is underway and other accused will be arrested if they are found to be involved in this case,” said Rajesh Kumar Jha, SHO of Mojahidpur police station.

During the questioning, the accused stated that he had lost the bet about a month back. He also stated that as per the commitment, the woman was to be handed over to the winners of the bet for a month but the woman refused to go with them.

“We are studying the statement of the victim and have arrested the accused. He has confessed that he lost his wife in a gambling bet and also forced her to have sexual relations with his gambler friend,” SHO Jha said.

She had serious injuries due to the acid attack. The family of the accused kept the woman (aged 30) locked in the house to hide the incident and gave her the first aid. The woman somehow managed to escape to her father’s home. She had also approached a social activist Deepak Singh and registered a complaint against the man.

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