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A Mumbai Court has convicted and sentenced a man to eight years in prison for stabbing his wife over a silly argument. The incident took place in September 2019 when the man came home drunk and stabbed his wife with a knife for eating curd which was given by her mother.

As per the reports, the victim, Ranjana who is a mother of two, had brought some curd from her mother’s house. While she was eating the curd, her husband, Sachin Malore came home drunk and questioned her. He also said that it seems like a cat had eaten the curd.

Calling her cat escalated the argument and Sachin started thrashing her and then stabbed her with the kitchen knife. She raised an alarm after which the neighbours came for the rescue. The man had fled the scene. Ranjana was hospitalized and recovered from her injuries in one month.

He was later traced and arrested. He was accused of attempt to murder.

In the testimony, Ranjana had submitted that Sachin is unemployed and used to drink a lot, and also abuse her.

“The offence against the accused is serious in nature. While showing leniency to the accused, the sufferings of the victim can not be ignored. The accused stabbed his wife on petty grounds,” the court observed.

However, the accused argued that she had injured herself after she accidentally fell on the utensil rack.

The court further noted, “The testimony of the complainant was supported by medical evidence as wells as eyewitnesses who immediately rushed to the spot and found the man assaulting his wife. There is no reason brought forward for false implication. During cross-examination, nothing is brought on record which will create doubt about the trustworthiness of the witness.”

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