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Globally known food chain, Mcdonald’s has filed a complaint against its former CEO Steve Easterbrook for sending nudes from his work email, and then also attempted to delete the photos. In 2019, Easterbrook was fired for having consensual relationship with an employee.

The complaint has been filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission in which the company accuses Easterbrook of lying and fraud. The company is seeking to claw back the massive compensation ($40 million) that he had got as an exit payout following his apologies for a consensual relationship with a subordinate employee.

But on Monday, after coming across an anonymous tip regarding another relationship between Easterbrook and one another McDonald’s employee, the company has revisited the case and discovered three other relationships of him with McDonald’s employees.

In the complaint document, the company stated that it has found evidence of dozens of nude, partially nude, or explicitly sexual photographs and videos of various women which Easterbrook has attached to the emails from his corporate email. McDonald’s has called it undisputable evidence and accused him of violating rules by having an intimate relationship at work.

Food chain board has announced the termination of Steve Easterbrook in November 2019 for having a consensual relationship with an employee, amounted to sexting. He was fired “without cause”. But on Monday, McDonald’s has come with some damning accusations against its fired CEO stating that he should be fired “with cause” and the compensation must also be clawed back.

The complaint also stated that Easterbrook has approved an extraordinary stock grant which worth hundreds of thousands of dollars to the female McDonald’s employee whom he was in a relationship with.

“Easterbrook’s silence and lies — a clear breach of the duty of candor — were calculated to induce the Company to separate him on terms much more favorable to him than those the Company would have offered and agreed to had it known the full truth of his behavior,” said the complaint.

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