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As soon as a Reddit post by an 18-year old girl went viral over different social media platforms, many women came out with similar serious sexual harassment allegations against a famous tattoo artist in Kochi.

Well-known tattoo artist from Kochi, Sujeesh PS runs a tattoo studio under the name Inkfected. His client list includes leading artists from Malayalam film industry and has a huge following on his social media. He has been on the run since the allegations came out.

The police is still waiting for a formal complaint from the survivor as she has not filed an official complaint yet and has been reaching out to her to record her statement.

We have seen the messages and reached out to the girl. She said she would respond after consulting with her parents. We will encourage her to give a complaint. Even an oral complaint will be enough to file a case,” said Kochi police commissioner C H Nagaraju.

18-year old shared a graphic message on Reddit sharing her ordeal. She wrote that the tattoo artist said no to her friend to accompany the survivor to the room where she was about to get inked.

“He started getting a little too personal and started making me feel uncomfortable. ‘Are you a virgin?’ ‘Is the tattoo because you like sex?’ How many times have you done it?’ Is the guy outside your boyfriend?’,” she wrote.

The content she had shared is extremely traumatic and graphic but she decided to let that out. After it was shared among masses, many women came out with similar allegations against Sujeesh.

He has been absconding and his phone is also switched off after the incident got media attention.

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