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Calling the current prohibition unconstitutional, Mexico Supreme Court has decriminalised private recreational use of Cannabis by adults. Eight of the eleven judges backed the decision and adults would be able to apply for permits to cultivate and consume their own cannabis.

Smoking in public and in front of children will remain banned.

First Country to Legalise Marijuana

Uruguay was the first country to legalise marijuana in 2013. Here pharmacies are the only place in the country where people can buy recreational marijuana. The buyers just have to register with a regulator.

In the Netherlands, smoking weed has been legal in coffee shops only, though you aren’t allowed to grow it for personal use. Carrying weed home is also illegal in the country. It is a criminal offence to possess, produce, or deal in drugs. However, use of drugs is not a criminal offence for a person aged 18 or older.

Jamaica, the homeland of Reggae musician Bob Marley (also remembered as Marijuana icon) decriminalised weed in 2015. The country permits use of cannabis for medicinal and religious purposes. Rastafarians can have weed here in unlimited quantities without any restrictions.

Rastafarians is a religion wherein the use of “ganja” is a holy sacrament.

What Is Recreational Use Of Cannabis?

Recreational marijuana use involves using cannabis for personal enjoyment rather than for health purposes. The recreational use of marijuana can be contrasted with medical marijuana use, which involves the prescribed use of cannabis to manage the symptoms of some medical conditions.

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